The Curry Guy book review

The Curry Guy book review

There are so many curry books and recipes out there it is so hard to choose. I have tried a lot, some better than others.

Well look no further than the Curry guy. Dan Toombs is the founder of the Curry guy blog has been blogging for a number of years now read About his here.


I have followed him for a while and I am a regular reader of his blogs but recently he has brought his own cookbook out on his take on the English Indian takeaway, all of the recipes in his book are his own, recipes he has created by trial and error until he finds the perfect ingredients.

Talking ingredients you need a lot, I’m lucky that I cook a lot at home and I have a cupboard full of spices so I didn’t have to purchase much, but in the book at the very beginning he gives you his recipes to make your own, I haven’t done this but they are there. The best place to buy the ingredients you need is a Indian store, I have one close to my home and I can get everything I need at a reduced price compared to your usual supermarket – But once you have it you should be set for a while (depending how much curry you eat).

His recipes are so easy to follow and the flavour is better than the takeaway in my opinion. It is real home cooking and you can taste all the ingredients in the curry.

The hardest thing but not too hard is to make the base curry sauce, it its just like making a giant soup, but if you make the large batch, it can keep in the freezer and then you have it at the ready for when you decide to have a curry night, I have made a total of 11 curries from this base sauce but not all of his curry’s requires it.

His book is more than just curries, you have sides, breads, tandoori chicken, and the list goes on, there is something in this book for everyone. Sometimes I just make lamb kebabs with naan breads and salad and its brilliant, Again the flavours just explode in your mouth.

My favourite recipes in this book is the Chicken Pasanda and Butter chicken with Onion Bhaji and plain naan. I’ve tried nearly the whole book and I just seem to always refer back to the same recipes.

Like I said before they are easy to make, there is another curry company I use and there onion Bhaji are terrible compared these, the mixture is already bagged up for you ready to make, which is easier yes as all you need to do is add water and onions. But they are very powdery and don’t taste good, I used to think they were ok until I tried the ones from this BOOK. And they are simple – plus they look like the takeaway bhaji.

My favourite part to an Indian takeaway is the naan, scooping up that sauce with the bread and eating it the authentic way. Again I have tried other recipes I found online and could never get them right or they just wouldn’t look or taste the way I was expecting them to. These are simple and you don’t need many ingredients unless your making keema naans or the other flavour naans available. You make the yeast with warm milk and leave it to do its thing then add it to the rest of the ingredients and knead the bead then leave it to rest, I like to make it first thing in the morning and leave it all day, to give it time to rise, I never make the full amount though as there is too much I always half the recipe, it usually makes around 12 naans, Of course I don’t eat 12 or make them all at once.

Earlier I spoke about making Lamb Kebabs, well I make them the day after with the left over dough. See 2 meals in one, nothing goes to waste in my house, not with me around anyway.


Over all I would rate this book 10/10 seriously it is amazing. If you follow Dan on twitter and have any questions he is always there to answer questions and is very helpful.

I bought this book full price the day it came out but you can pick it up for £6 now from Amazon, that’s £6, Cheaper than any Curry, even on a Sunday special. And maybe perfect for a Christmas present.


Disclosure: This is a total bias review, I have not received any freebies and I wasn’t paid to review this book.

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