Northumberland is the best for photography

Northumberland is the best for photography

Northumberland is a fantastic place for photography, from the coast and further inland, beaches and castles, it literally is a photographers paradise.

The forecast was looking good to try and capture the milky way and despite the moon giving off 50% light it was still going to be a clear night, I wasn’t very hopeful of capturing anything to be honest because of the moon being so bright but it was still worth the trip out.

I was kindly invited along to Dunstanburgh Castle by some fellow enthusiasts which was brilliant as I hate going to places like this by myself, it can be quite spooky sometimes.

I always use photo planning apps

Anyway I had a look at some of my photo planning apps (see this post) and according to those it was going to be at its best from 9pm, we all met at Dunstanburgh stead car park and walked along the golf course path until we were behind the castle,

Walking from this car park is quite easy underfoot as the path is very flat, its only when you reach the castle itself the path becomes very rocky and uneven, so if you are here on a night then do be careful.

When we arrived to the rear of the castle I took a few test shots and they weren’t great in terms of the milky way, so out came the photopills app to check on location and we really needed to be on the other side of the castle so thats exactly what we did.

arriving on the other side via a path that runs around the castle, we were greeted by horrific wind, it was going to be a challenge, I had to open my tripod right up to get as low to the ground as possible to avoid any camera shake.

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The Shot!

I took quite a few shots at this spot, im not overly keen on the image to be honest, its not my best milky way shot but its another to add to the collection.

The moon ruined it for me on the night, I dont think I was ever gong to get a great milky way shot with the amount of light that it was giving off.

This image was shot with my Sony A6000 and a Samyang 12mm.

8seconds | @12mm | iso3200 | F2 and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop

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  1. That’s a fabulous shot of the castle and night sky! Top capture. Northumberland is indeed a very photogenic county.

  2. Love that pic. Dunstanburgh is my favourite castle of all time. So enchanted. It looks great under the milky way but I can see how the moon was too bright

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