Photographer and adventurer

Want to Learn Photography

Photography is a great hobby to learn, whether your wanting to up your skill for family photos or if you want to dive into the world of landscapes or fasion. Its a great community to be part of. I have been part of the photography comminiuty for a number of years and learnt so many new skills from reading blogs and watching videos to going out for photography meets. Now I have gathered these skills over the past few years I am now ready to pass them over to you

Why not join my Linky

Whats a linky I hear you say, My exact words when I heard about them. I started my linky a few months back called #myphotofriday, and the ideas behind it was to get like minded photographers to come and submit a photo and get inspired by others. its really simply and you need to have a blog to enter. come and get involved and join my growing community.

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