This week I have been to Center Parcs in Nottingham, so my options for doing any serious photography were limited there are lots to photograph but nothing that really makes me want to go out and shoot. Every year when we we arrive, my partner always puts out fat balls for the birds, just so the kids can watch the wildlife right out the window.

Having a Sony A6000 and some exciting apps. I can connect to the camera via wifi, this isn’t new but still clever since technology has come a long way since the 35mm film days.

I can then see exactly what my camera sees and shoot the image from the phone, it then transfers to the phone instantly for viewing, meaning I don’t need to interrupt the birds by sitting in front of the camera. I set the camera on a tripod and pointed it towards the fat ball using the Samyang 85mm 1.4, I got as close as the lens would let me and setting the aperture to F2 to blow the background into oblivion so the subject stood out more. It was quite windy and the fat balls were blowing a bit so I had to make sure I had the right settings to capture the birds without blur to the main subject, setting the shutter speed to 1/1250 and an iso of 250 so I knew even though the subject was moving in the wind the settings I had would capture it and keep it nice and sharp.

Leaving my set up outside I went in the lodge and waited till the birds came, which I watched directly on my phone. as soon as the birds came I just pressed the shutter and the image was sent straight to my phone for me to see, the images that were send were compressed so quality wasn’t great but the original RAW file was kept with camera for later viewing and editing.

Using this method is great when its cold or even if you plan to shoot more wildlife, now i’ve used it I plan to out into the woodland and set this up, I can then move away from the camera and not disturb any wild life and shoot from a distance, Of course most cameras you can do this with nowadays using a remote shutter but its the viewing on a mobile that is different, seeing what your shooting then viewing an image instantly that sets the Sony systems apart.

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Using the settings I did helped me achieve a still image in the high wind. However since I was using a manual focus lens I think it could have been sharper, nevertheless im still happy.

birds, wildlife, sherwood, center parcs, woodland, blue tit,



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