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We have been in our new build house for nearly three years now and our sons room was decorated some time ago, but he doesn’t really spend as much time in there as we have turned our living room into a playroom.  It still looks good in his bedroom with toys to play with but felt as though it was lacking something on the walls.

I was recently contacted by Wall Stickers for Kids to test and review some of their products. I was quite excited to be honest as its something I had heard of but always thought they looked a bit naff and would be an absolute nightmare to put on the wall.

The Product

I end up opting for the Fun colour map and the dinosaurs as they are both interests of my eldest son. The website has a vast choice for all tastes and it certainly took us a while to decide which ones we liked best.

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Product Description

This fun colour world map wall decal makes a colourful, fun and educational addition to children’s rooms and classrooms.

The lettering “I love the world” will encourage them to do just that as they explore the animals of the continents, from the North American bear through to the African elephants all the way across to the Australian kangaroos!

Accent stickers of whales, dolphins, sharks and aeroplanes can be placed around the scene to create a wonderful feature wall art piece. Our wall stickers in the UK are easily applied, requiring no flue and just as easily removed if necessary, leaving no mess behind.

  • Easy to apply and remove in seconds without damaging the surface
  • Waterproof and wipe clean
  • §Can be applied on walls, furniture, accessories, mirrors, windows etc
  • Can be re-used and repositioned without leaving a sticky residue


I decided to put the map into Zachs bedroom as it is the only room with any large enough wall space and im glad I did because it looks brilliant  and really adds something special. It has already sparked numerous conversations with Zach about where we are on the map and the different animals.

I love the design and the fact they dont ruin your wall. It was my first thought when I agreed to take a closer look, I honestly thought I was going to stick them on and that was it but thats not the case they can actually be peeled off and reapplied without leaving the sticky residue on the wall or damaging paintwork or stickers, which is amazing, a great design.

Cost and Postage

This stickers were gifted to me but they are very reasonably priced to carry out a little update in a room on a budget. The map stickers would cost £8.95 but they also do 2 sets for £12 which is ridiculously good value for money. Postage isn’t to bad either at £3.49 and if you were spend £20 then postage is free.

Once we had chosen which stickers we wanted and they were ordered the items came very quickly, I was quite surprised with it only taking a couple of days to be honest, so if your in a hurry then theres no need to worry.

Sticking to the wall

Peeling and sticking was the easy part, getting them right so it actually looked like a map was the hardest part. There is around 40 elements to this map which I was worried about as I had visions o it being all over the place. But on the actual paper in which the stickers come on is a mini map which I copied from so mapping it all out (that was a bad pun!) turned out quite easy in the end and the results came out really well.

ad, wall stickers, childs bedroom ideas, kids stickers, giant wall stickers

My son was meant to help me but he got bored part way through, to be expected at that age, but once it was all finished he loved it. Pointing out all the animals and asking a lot of questions, which is just what I wanted from the map, to help teach my son more about the world.


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