Vegan & Vegetarian food The Engine Room Sunderland

Vegan & Vegetarian food The Engine Room Sunderland

Regardless of what restaurant you go to now there are vegetarian, vegan and even gluten free options, it seems to be taking over the menus at our favourite eateries. And its no different at The Engine Room at the Fire Station in Sunderland.

This week the 13th – 19th May sees National Vegetarian week and luckily for me I was invited to The Engine Room to see and taste the new menu and I couldn’t wait to see what was on offer.

The Engine room is located just round the corner from Keel Square and next to the Empire so is in an ideal location to grab food and drinks before or after a show.


Lets take a look at what is on offer

Popcorn cauliflower – V, VE & GF – £7

Another dish I really like and again I have made this as an Indian starter at home from one of my favourite books. So I was expecting something very tasty here but they were quite bland, however they were served with a beautiful Indian dip and this really set it off, the crunch of the cauliflower mixed with the flavours of the mayo was a great combo.

Halloumi Fries – V & GF – £6

Im no stranger to Halloumi and do often eat this at home but these fries were just delicious. They looked good, tasted good and companied with a mint and pomegranate dip just finished the dish off very well, its a great little appetiser or even served as a side to a main dish.


Pulled Jackfruit Nachos – V, VG – £10

Jackfruit, where to begin with this one. I admit I was a little scared to try it, Ive not heard much about nor have I heard much about its flavour but the dish itself looked great and I was here to try the food out so thats exactly what I did. It had a nice flavour of BBQ running though it and the nachos were lovely and crunchy and topped with vegan cheese, salsa and my favourite, jalapeños.


Moving Mountains Burger – V, VG – £11.50

This was actually one of my least favourites from the menu, the flavours were fine but the texture was not, everything about this dish was perfect apart from that texture, It is well put together and accompanied with one of the best types of chips around – sweet potato fries, who doesn’t love these?


Grilled Halloumi Burger – V – £10.50

The second and last burger on the list is the halloumi burger and this one i quite liked but that maybe because I really like halloumi. It would be great as a lunch time sit down as it was very like and not to filling. The halloumi itself was seasoned with paprika (one of my favourite spices) and served with seasoned fries and a side of hummus.


Meat Free Dirty Chips – V, VG – £12

My second favourite of the night was these loaded dirty chips with  Moving Mountains burger, vegan hot dog, vegan style cheddar and vegan mayo and just look at that heavily dish right there, this is a perfect sharing dish or a meal for one for the greedy, im referring to myself on this one.


Veggie Dog – V, VG – £11

OMG this doesn’t look vegetarian does it, but this dog is a great addition to the Engine Room menu, it is to die for, really, it was by far the best tasting HotDog ive ever had, I just wish there was more to eat but unfortunately I had to share it. Only joking, or am I? This will be my choice of meal when I go here again, most defiantly. I really mean this but the chefs need a pat on the back here. well done. I cant say anymore, ill let the picture do the talking.


The menu is a good size and it really does offer some fantastic options, The engine room have set the bar quite high for tasty vegan/vegetarian food, you can see a few more images below.


Artichoke Flatbread – V & VG – Reg £8 or XL £13


Spicy Veggie Sausage – V – Reg £8 or XL £13

Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini – V – £12


Sweet Potato and Aubergine Katsu Curry – V & VG – £12


Grilled Halloumi Marinaded in Lemon Pesto – V, GF – £12



Check out my video of the night below.


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