Using Photobooks to save memories – Saal Digital

Using Photobooks to save memories – Saal Digital

Photobooks for personal use have become a big thing these days! Gone are the times of film and photo albums made of prints. Photobooks are great for gifts, whether that be Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas – even Valentines Day and Anniversaries.

I cant be the only guilty one when it comes to my images?! I take hundreds of them and then they are stored away on a hard drive only for me to usually do nothing with them! Whoops!

I have a computer full of images as well as on my mobile phone, which has thousands of images stored on it too. I have all the intentions of editing them and then having them printed but I struggle to find time to see it through.

Its a shame really, as nothing can beat seeing your images in print form. Or even better in a neat and tidy photo book. Whether that be a large photobook you keep on the coffee table to glance at when you are feeling nostalgic or a one that can fit right into your bag to show off to family and friends.

Photos are the essence of our memories of both happy and at times; sad times. Therefore having them kept safe and at your fingertips to look at whenever you wish is so important.

Thats where Saal digital comes in and offers a whole caboodle of printing services – from large poster prints to photobooks and even photo calendars. They cover all your printing needs, so do check them out.

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So were here to talk about photobooks?!

To start with you will need to download the album builder, which can be downloaded for both PC and MAC and doesn’t take too long. The software is very easy to use, as it basically walks you through the steps. Basically you choose your photo item first (for example a photobook), then the size and paper quality. You can then choose to build the book yourself or let the software create it for you. I opted to make it myself, as the book I made was of my first born son, and I wanted the book to go through from his birth to the present day.

There are other options within the software too. Such as to set themes, I chose the cartoon dinosaur theme, on some pages there are dinosaur eggs, it just adds something a little different rather than just a plain page, which I thought was a very nice touch. There are plenty of themes to choose from.

saal, photobook, family photo, photobook easy,

If you have never made a photobook before then you will be in for a treat, its fun to build and dont just think that you get one image per page, you can choose to have a full 2 page images, or 1 small image on the page, or maybe you want to have multiple images, you really can get carried away.


From the book being ordered to delivery was only 3 days! Thats super efficient and quick turnaround. I honestly got a shock when it came landing on the doormat.  Even though Saal is located in Germany; the delivery is second to none.


In my eyes quality is everything, and its certainly quality you get. Even with the standard paper which I opted for, the prints were good. This is the second photobook i have ordered from Saal and have been very impressed with both. The hardback book versions look and feel well made and is very seamless. You can opt for a full cover print on too, which I did here.

Overall from downloading the software, to creating and ordering, to then delivery – everything went like a dream and I cannot fault either of my photobooks.

Disclosure: I received a gift voucher to order a photobook from Saal, however, all the creating was down to me. However this isn’t the first book I have ordered from Saal therefore all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Great post. We always make photo books after holidays. Much more satisfying to look back on than images on a screen

  2. I love photo books to keep those precious moments Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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