The Ultimate Guide To Being A Cool Parent

Do kids even use the word ‘cool’ anymore? Or is it all ‘sick’ and ‘epic’? Whatever the word is that means you are one of the most highly regarded human beings on the planet, that’s what you are aiming to be. Being a responsible parent and taking care of your little ones doesn’t necessarily mean you are reaching for the coolness factor. You want your kids to be safe, secure and healthy. If that means that you have to force them to eat their vegetables and stop playing the Xbox once in a while, you’re ok with this.

To try and locate a firm place in your kids good books, you need to think about those parents you saw when you were growing up as a kid. What made them so cool? The chances are they looked pretty fashionable and had a fantastic rapport with their offspring. However, it goes so much deeper than this. Take a look at how you can impress your little darlings and secure your place in the cool stakes.


Quality Time


Although you might be concerned about making enough money to support your nearest and dearest, you also need to put aside some quality time that you can spend together as a family. Kids love spending time with their parents and crave their attention. How many times have you been to the park, only for your son or daughter to scream your name continually until you take a break from what you’re doing to watch them do some really amazing trick while launching themselves down a slide? Your offspring love to receive positive praise from you and adore spending time kicking a ball around, playing catch or heading out to the park for a picnic. By spending time together with your tots, you’ll get to know your little ones inside out, find out what makes them tick and be a fully involved parent.

Don’t Be A Pushover


It might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but the coolest parents don’t succumb to their child’s every want and desire. They don’t simply give them the latest gadget or game. A cool parent sets boundaries and rules. Kids nowadays not only need this framework but they crave it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your little cherub.

Think about giving them their own space within the home to retreat to. Their bedroom is a great example of how you can provide them with the perfect environment in which to kick back and enjoy some downtime. If you have a couple of siblings sharing you should check out the cool bunk beds from Cuckooland that go way beyond your basic bed frames. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and themes from London buses to treehouses. By allowing your child to create their own space, you’re giving them some responsibility. If they are a little older, give them a budget and let them choose their own furniture, furnishings and colour scheme. This will certainly see you leap up the coolness ladder.




There will be a time in every parent’s life when they get into a confrontation with their kids. Hopefully, this is nothing too major. However, it can still be traumatic for both parties. If your offspring has stayed out late or they’ve been a little too chatty in class, you’ll need to communicate with them in a way so that they will listen to what you have to say. There’s no point shouting, slamming doors or getting angry. You need to get to their level, work out the tone that has the most impact and discuss consequences of their actions. If you’ve already put in the groundwork and have a positive relationship with your kids, this should be relatively easy. You need to explain why your child is grounded or can’t use their video games console for a week. At the same time, you cannot allow this to hang over their heads. Tomorrow is a new day, and the slate should be wiped clean for everyone.

Being a cool parent is a lot harder than it looks. Although you thought being a cool mum or dad was letting kids stay up late and eating whatever they wanted when you were growing up, now that you have your own little human beings who you love to bits, you realise this is not the case. To be cool, you need to be responsible, give your kids the freedom to make their own mistakes and enjoy spending quality time together as a family.


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