Being an adult and most importantly being a parent means you have to make some very very big decisions. our newest decision is Z nursery choice.

Z was in a under 3 nursery where he went in 3.5 hours a day 5 days a week and it cost us £57 the reason for this was because of his birthday, as he was born 6th September we missed out on our free hours so we had no choice but to pay, and it was worth it, he learnt so much and was being stimulated during the day. Plus we both worked full time so we had to get some of care to help us out.

I never really liked the nursery to begin with as for me it was too big, and I do believe that a big nursery means less attention to each individual child meaning their development is lacking due to the sheer size and the amount of different groups in the nursery there was.

I think I had already made my mind up as to not to put him back into that Nursery after the summer and we were going to try and apply for one of the best schools in Sunderland but then something major happened, and the only reason we know about it as it happened to a friends son.

Before the summer holidays a child 2 years old went missing from the nursery, and the teachers didn’t have a clue where he was – and its still a mystery considering what you need to do to get out, so many locked doors and security to supposedly prevent this type of thing however it happened and the child was found wondering down the road with the busy cars, Ill leave this story here but one of the reasons we pulled Z out of nursery was the fact the head and other teachers did not inform anyone of this, no letter – NOTHING, they just hid the fact it happened, and like I said we wouldn’t know either but like I said I knew the parents. After this event the head resigned and 2 of the teachers were let go and the nursery just wasn’t the same.

Fast forward to now – We only applied for one school which could have been a very big mistake, but this school is the best school in Sunderland, Its the type of school I really like, small and only one class per year, meaning the children get more attention. It has an outstanding offstead and it is extremely hard to get in,  we are no where near the catchment area, but what we did do to try and help was to take Z to the school church every Sunday as the priest is on the panel so we wanted him to get to know Z, but this wasn’t just any church, Z was actually christened there.

We completed the application form and about 4 weeks later we got a letter and Z had been accepted but not to start until September 2018, we need to wait till November to see if we can get him into the rising 3 room. which is where we want him to help with childcare.




Im Lew – A blogger and father of two boys, three if you include the dog, living in Sunderland. Not sure I have the hang of this blog niche thing but hey ho, I’m doing it anyway – expect all sorts of randomness.


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