Summit to eat, the perfect outdoor food

How many times have you been camping, went on a hike, or even gone to a festival, and the food you take just isnt suitable or palatable once it comes to eating it? Or it just takes up far too much room in your bag?

I was recently approached by Summit to Eat to take a look at their dehydrated food. It got me excited as these are the types of things that appeal to me when I go out on photography trips, but even more so now as we have just bought a folding camper and plan to have many outdoor adventures.

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Me and my family have just been away to North Yorkshire for the weekend and I took a trip to Brimham Rocks one day for some photography. I never managed to get many decent images, but I enjoyed the walk and the time to sit and grab something to eat. I packed my mini stove, some water and my mini kettle and headed up into the stunning landscape. When I reached a nice location I stopped and set things up.

The good thing about these meals is it only needs 350ml of boiling water, so you dont really need to have a stove. A small flask with boiling water would suffice. Which would save more space when walking in your kit.

Everything i needed today easily went into my camera bag. Mind i cant say that would be the case if i had the two kiddies in tow, as i usually end up with nappies/wipes and everything in between.

summit to eat, camping food, festival food, dehydrated food, food, outdoor food, food pouch

As you can see inside the bag is a line marked A – all you need to do is fill with boiling water up to the line, reseal the bag and wait 9 minutes, and there you have it, a perfectly cooked meal.

summit to eat, camping food, festival food, dehydrated food, food, outdoor food, food pouch

What I loved about this product is it actual tastes like a home cooked meal, I can honestly say it was as if I had made a curry from scratch and then hoyed it in a bag to eat. It was very tasty indeed.

The Chicken Tikka had a nice spicy hit but wasn’t too hot, it was just right, it was packed full of flavour and could easily give you that energy boost needed to continue your walk.

They do different kits too, so for example if your planning a 2 day trip then you can buy a box that comes with everything you will need – breakfast, lunch and tea. They even do desserts. The flavours and recipes range from simple porridge oats to chicken curry or even salmon! There is even a chocolate mouse to satisfy any sweet tooths. Plenty of options to suit all.

If you have never used this type of product and think it may not be for you, then I would highly recommend trying them out. Maybe for your next long day out, camping, hiking, or even a festival. I would even go as far as saying I would use this as part of my picnics in the winter with the kids when were out all day and you want something hot to warm you up!


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