Shared responsibility – Teaching our kids to run a home

Shared responsibility – Teaching our kids to run a home

We share all the duties in our home, well we both own our home so why wouldn’t I?

Its not the early 1900s now, times have changed since woman ran the home and the men went out to work. The new age is seeing more and more stay at home dads, and women with high earning careers. It makes sense that we need to share responsibilities in the home.

But it does make me think how many households still live like gone by eras, where men expected tea to be on the table when they came in from work or have clothes washed and ironed. I bet there is a lot more than we think.

In the new age men are more domesticated – we wash up, hang clothes on the line, cook, clean, and even look after the kids. Never thought I would include that in, looking after your own children.

But going back a few years to where my original traits came from; I didn’t have a dad around and I lived with my grandparents for a while, so I was learning my Grandads’ traits. He was the only father figure I had around. He went out to work everyday and came home and tea was ready, my Gran cleaned the house religiously and looked after me with my mam. He went out on the drink 3-4 days per week, and participated in no chores in the home other than DIY when required.

I think I took some of his traits on board without realising how wrong they may be in today’s society, but when I bought my first house I never knew how to use the washing machine, never knew how to cook a proper meal and I had never ever cleaned.

I was never made to do chores when I lived at home and I think this was the biggest problem, I just expected my partner to do it all as my Mam/Gran had always done. I remember having a lot of arguments over it. Baring in mind she was the one with the big career bringing in the big wage but I still expected her to have all the time to maintain a home too.

QUESTION- Do you think it is important to teach our kids that the home running is to be a shared task? Yes I do, were not cavemen – men are able to clean, but I’m not picking on us men, women to, it’s important to teach all children how to cook and clean.

If I fast forward now to the present day, I think I’ve come a long way since that first house purchase. I don’t do all of the chores in the house but we share most of them. I do most of the cooking now, the other half plans a meal plan each week and does the shopping for it and I will mostly prepare and cook the tea each evening when I come in from work. I will carry out at least one cleaning task most days, but then we have to because we have a dog so hoovering daily is a must. I must admit that there are jobs I do a lot of and some I don’t do at all, not out of choice but it just ended up being that way. For instance – I still don’t put the washing machine on or do the food shopping but I am always the one to clean the bathrooms, put the bins out and cut the lawn.

Going back to my question of teaching children. It’s not about teaching kids cleaning, but teaching them how to run a home. I bought a house from a very young age but never understood it really, to a point I still don’t. The missus deals with all our financial concerns and to be honest if she wasn’t around I wouldn’t even know which lender our mortgage is with never mind the term, which concerns me. My eldest son is now 3 and he will be getting taught how to run a home, from finances to domestic chores. Not right now of course as he is a bit young, in saying that he does help me clean now already. He loves the duster and he likes to clean the doors down. From when he could walk he had a toy hoover and played with it religiously- he thinks its a game but that’s a good thing, plod on son.

What’s your thoughts on the matter, both teaching kids from a young age or what its like in your household?

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