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So my favourite find of 2018 was definitely Scaramanga. The leather camera strap I wrote about HERE was where my love affair began. The craftsmanship of the leather of the products is amazing and if you were to see them for yourself; I am sure you would agree!

Scaramanga kindly sent me a further selection of products to trial including a handy pouch, hand camera strap and camera bag at the back end of last year.

I have had the bag for a couple of months now as I really wanted to put it through its paces and give it a good test before I shared my views.

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Its all well and good a bag looking good – but I want to know if it stands the test of time and how it performs. Since its arrival it has been on a good few holiday adventures and  plenty of days out with the kids. When I first received the bag I had a Sony A6000, which is a small mirrorless camera and the bag had more than enough room in it for this camera and quite a bit of other gear. I could even squeeze in some non-essential items that seem to squeeze in there from the kids.

Just after Christmas I treat myself to a new full frame DSLR and I was worried that the camera would be far too big for this bag, but surprisingly it fits perfect with a 24-105mm lens attached and then room for my 50mm. So I needn’t of worried.

scaramanga, camera bag, photography, landscape, scotland, highlands, photograpjy accessories, ad, gifted, leather

What type of photographer are you?

Photographers come in all shapes and sizes…what I mean by that is you can be an amateur weekend photographer, or the high end wedding photographer. Or what about a wild life photographer or a portrait/studio photographer? Every photographer is different and we all carry a huge variety of kit with us. Thats why there is an overwhelming amount of camera bags of all shapes and sizes to suit everyones needs and budget. I have had three bags since I began my photography journey – all from high end brands – and never found one that suited all the gear i carry and been practical or stylish. Until Scaramanga sent me the shoulder bag to try and its fitted the bill incredibly well.

What I have found the biggest plus since using this bag is that is great for when I am out for a family day with the kids. When I dont need all my filters, tripod and all the other gear I have. There is plenty of room for a camera and one lens as well as a few other bits. It is also a really stylish high end looking bag. The leather is excellent quality – what I have come to expect from this company – and is robust.

The bag itself comes with a handy removable padded insert with two compartments to keep your kit well protected and separated. It also has two pockets on the inside of the bag; one on the front and the back – I like to keep memory cards/filters in these handy pockets for example.  Then a handy zipped pocket on the rear, plenty of storage areas packed into this small shoulder bag. Another bonus point to this bag is that the inset is removable so even tough it is sold as a camera bag is can in fact be used an everyday bag for the everyday user.

scaramanga, camera bag, photography, landscape, scotland, highlands, photograpjy accessories, ad, gifted, leather

Scaramanga camera bag with the Hand strap

The metal hardware doesn’t seem to scratch easy and is heavy duty. Even after a few months of heavy use it still looks as good as when I first received it.

The handy strap I received was also brilliant for carrying my Sony A6000 around, especially when I was out with the family. It fit my hand nice and snug and felt very secure when using. However, since moving to a larger camera it does feel a little out of place and uncomfortable due to the size and weight of the larger body, which is a shame. This is where the long Scaramanga neck strap comes into play – much more useable with a heftier camera.

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The final item I have been trialling has so many uses too.The handy little pouch has been used for storing memory cards, holding small cables and even money. Its a great little pouch to slip into one of the pockets and keep those little important things separate and safe within the bag.

I would definitely recommend the bag for an everyday use bag. I cant sing the praises high enough for the company – good quality brand with well thought out items.


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scaramanga, camera bag, photography, landscape, scotland, highlands, photograpjy accessories, ad, gifted, leather, pinterest


See my unboxing below.

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Disclaimer: I received this bag in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Im Lew – A blogger and father of two boys, three if you include the dog, living in Sunderland. Not sure I have the hang of this blog niche thing but hey ho, I’m doing it anyway – expect all sorts of randomness.


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