Picking A Pressie: Affordable Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

It can often be a challenge to find a gift for a loved one, especially when you’re on a budget of any kind. And, what families aren’t on some sort of budget? Okay, apart from maybe the royals and the Beckhams (but surely even they have a limit). It’s crucial to remember that the saying about it being the thought that counts, really is true. Friends and family will always prefer something that they know you’ve made a little effort with; these presents hold plenty of meaning, and will give the recipient the warm fuzzies every time they think about it.

However, this still won’t help spark any ideas; therefore, you’ve come to the right place, and, it’s time to grab a notebook and pen so that you can jot down whatever you love the sound of. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who have busy lives, and need a little help regarding a gift for someone special, whatever their budget might be.


Experiences Over Things

So, perhaps your partner has been dreaming about the new Bentley Continental Supersports or another luxury car. You probably won’t be heading towards a dealership anytime soon; however, you could treat them to a driving experience in a luxury car, or a track day. Make it a family affair, and take a picnic along, as you watch them race around, feeling like a kid again. To save even more money, you could think about experiences that you can create yourself.

Surprise parties and get-togethers are an excellent way to show someone you really care; invite old school friends and relatives that live far away. Whether you’ve surprised a parent, bestie, or your other half; you’ll have created something they’ll never forget. Get everyone to bring a dish and a bottle of something, and enjoy the festivities. Often, your loved ones just want to spend time with their favourites, so, think about organising a family tea party with the kids for your mum, or a movie night with popcorn and pick ‘n mix for your oldest friend.


Think Homemade

The fact that something is homemade, already means that you’ve put your time, love, and care into it, so you’ll have delighted the recipient from the get-go. Sweet treats and baked goods are always a popular option; making somebody’s favourite cake will certainly bring a smile to their face. Perhaps their preferred flavour is always black forest; why not make black forest cupcakes and present them in a beautiful box? A gift that feeds you will always be well-received.

You could get the glue and scissors out, and get crafty. Photo collages are a beautiful way to collate memories, and you can pick-up a variety of frames in the shops or online for an affordable price. Getting your little ones involved in creating some art for family members is another way to surprise and delight them; you can always take some control over the colour palette, and popping them in a simple frame will make a lovely gift. Whatever you choose to do or make, ensure that you have the recipient in mind throughout the process; if you’re sure they’ll live something, the definitely will.



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