Out with the New and in with the Old

The modern world of toys still baffles me, the cheap and nasty plastic crap that’s in shops is terrible, but that isn’t the only problem – it’s the price too. Far too many toys on the market now are just way over priced in my eyes.

What’s even worse are the themed toys, like the ones that are based on kids tv shows. But we feel like we are made to buy them because our children watch those shows – I included, but it is sometimes done (reluctantly).

I’m not a toy scrooge by any means, our house is full to the brim with them! But I want my kids to grow up to understand the value of things. Money doesn’t grow on trees and todays throw away society is no good for the world.

When I was a kid I had toys like Lego – when it didn’t make you remortgage your house for one set, train sets, cars, drawing/colouring paraphernalia. I was easily amused, but weren’t we all then. We didn’t need all these fancy toys and trends that changed like the wind. I think I still have my marbles and tiddlywinks stored in my loft.

With Christmas just around the corner I am now in a dilemma. My son is three years old and I have a new born (5 weeks) Do I waste money buying all this new tat or help the world by buying reused toys. Well the answer is both. I have bought a few new items – Paw Patrol mostly, and some new educational items in preparation for Zach starting nursery.

But back to Paw Patrol – why is it so addictive? I have never introduced my Son to tv intentionally, but after spending time with other family regularly he came in one day and started talking about Paw Patrol and now that’s all he wants. But I  find myself watching it and watching it when he’s not there and actually enjoying it. That is one catchy theme tune!

So we have gave in and purchased a few Paw Patrol items but only when the items have been on sale, I wouldn’t dream of paying the full price of these types of toys. My missus is also a bit of a savvy shopper and loves a good bargain!

There is also a shop in the local area that I live that sells used baby and children items such as buggies, clothes etc but they also sell preloved toys. There is always a bargain to be had. I would much rather buy preloved of good quality and more traditional toys than waste it on the most recent craze or this years Christmas “most wanted toy”!

I recently bought 2 full bags of used brio train items. I paid £15 for it all. Yes you read that right – that’s ONE FIVE – you couldn’t even buy a brand new small set for that.

Just look at what I got.

You just can’t believe it. 80% is brio and the rest is ELC. But it all fits together.

Does it matter that I have just bought my son some second hand toys? The answer is no. No it doesn’t matter at all, he’s three he doesn’t understand the difference between brand new in a box or previously loved. Plus isn’t it better that I’m giving someone else’s toys a new lease of life, not only will Zach enjoy these but Elijah will too when he’s old enough.

It doesn’t always need to cost you an arm and leg for your kids to have fun.

I also bought this from the same shop for £8 for his birthday a few months ago. Now this is a themed character toy, but the cost was a fraction of the price you would pay brand new in a shop.

So for me it doesn’t matter if it is in a box or not, new or old, as long as it is clean and in good working order and your kids can have fun with it – that’ll do me nicely. If he’s happy then I’m happy.

The shop I am referring to is Lois and Lacey (North Shields) 


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