Our Christmas 2017

Our Christmas 2017

Another year another Christmas over. And what a day it was.

My eldest is 3 years old now. And this year he understands this special day even more. It’s so magical to see him so excited for the big man coming.

On Christmas Eve we spent the day chilling and watching movies. On the night we ate nice food. Opened the Christmas Eve box, read books and done our yearly ritual of putting Santa and Rudolph’s goodies out. We then have a magic key that we put outside so Santa can get in as we don’t have a chimney. Next Zach puts his reindeer dust out just before he goes up to bed.

And it’s now time for us parents to chill after laying out the kids presents.

The next morning Steph was up at 7. I wasn’t long after. Zach woke up 7:30 but asked if he could go back to sleep – lazy boy! I selfishly said no as I was more excited than he obviously was.

The whole day was brilliant. And probably one of the best Christmas’ I’ve had in a long time.

My mam and grandparents come in the morning for breakfast then this year we went to stephs mother’s for dinner. After opening more presents and drinking ale. It was time to come home to lay yet another spread on for the in laws and Steph’s family to come to ours. More food more booze more presents

Zach was whacked. He didn’t go to bed until 10 and woke up this morning at 9:30. A brilliant day and now it’s over.

Merry Christmas all. Hope use all had a fantastic day.

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