Is the terrible twos a real thing?

Even before I had kids I was always told “when you have kids, watch out for those terrible twos” but as I was too young I never really witnessed anyone with children to be able to see it with my own eyes.

But I always thought to myself, what are the terrible twos. Are they really that bad. Or is it just a saying a mith, a made up bulls**t story to scare people. Maybe even put people off from ever having children. To be honest some of the stories my family told me about the terrible twos just didn’t seem true.

Now I have children of my own I could witness this for myself. For 2 years I waited for these so called terrible twos to come. I waited and waited and waited but they didn’t come. And before I knew it his second birthday came and went. I think to myself that I’m lucky I haven’t been put through a screaming child rolling on the floor in a supermarket, standing screaming for sweets, hitting out for not getting their own way and all the rest.

So maybe these stories were just made up and it doesn’t happen, just another horror story told by grandparents to stop us having children.

Then my son turned three. And everything was fine until… his attitude was appalling-He hit the terrible twos a year to late. Now all of these stories were coming true, every single one of them. From a sweet little boy he was he has turned into this possessed 666 demon child. I don’t think he’s mine I hate him (joke) just bantering but some days I do get to the point where he’s so nasty and distruptive I think I hate him. Hate is a strong word I don’t really hate him. Or do I??? #justforthebantz

Little sweet Z now hits us. Sometimes in the face if he is close enough. Our strategies work sometimes. We still have time out and the naughty step which we make him sit there for a least 3 minutes. 1 minute for every year he is and explain he needs to apologise when he comes off. And the funny thing is when I ask him

What do we not do “he says hit people” and there I would reply what do you  do instead he says “give kisses and cuddles” this is what we taught him from being very young – so he does know what’s right and wrong. Maybe he’s testing boundaries. Or maybe it is the terrible twos or threes.

We have always been quite strict when it comes to what Z eats. He needs to eat a healthy meal before he is aloud sweets or treats and even then he’s not aloud a lot of them a we have always had it under control. We always sit at the table to eat as a family and try to teach Z table manners. But since turning three he doesn’t sit at the table, he doesn’t eat properly. (This isn’t all the time, just when he is having a bad day) but the worst of it is when he wants sweets, if we tell him No well that’s it the world may as well come to an end.

So yes the terrible twos we missed but the terrible threes are in full blossom now, its a joy, but . its all part of being a parent I suppose, don’t listen to people when they say boys are a breeze because they ain’t.

Adventure Brown

Im Lew - A blogger and father of two boys, three if you include the dog, living in Sunderland. Not sure I have the hang of this blog niche thing but hey ho, I'm doing it anyway - expect all sorts of randomness.

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