National Trust Day out – Fountains Abbey

National Trust Day out – Fountains Abbey

I love having time off work as it usually results in spending time at the in laws caravan, days out and food, lots and lots of food – whether that be a meal out or a picnic.

Me and the missus have been long time members with The National Trust and love nothing better than exploring new places and revisiting old. One place we like to visit when we are at the caravan is Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal park. Fountains Abbey is located in North Yorkshire just outside of Ripon.

[A snippet from Wiki says “Fountains Abbey is one of the largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England. It is located approximately 3 miles (5 kilometres) south-west of Ripon in North Yorkshire, near to the village of Aldfield. Founded in 1132, the abbey operated for 407 years becoming one of the wealthiest monasteries in England until its dissolution in 1539 under the order of Henry VIII.”]

It is a very interesting place to visit with lots to do and see, there are plenty of little hidden gems along the way too. Take this, The Octagon Tower – you wouldn’t know it was there, located high up in the trees over looking the beautiful lawns and water garden.

This isn’t my first visit here and it certainly wont be my last either.  Its one of the best National trust sites for me, so much to do and so much space for the kids to run about and explore. The overall size of the site is huge, ideal if your a walker like me. There are 3 different car parks to choose from but I prefer the bottom car park, it takes you straight to the ruins itself, and if you were to walk all the way around the site you can come back around the side then end up back at the same way you came in. If you want to start off in the cafe, shop and play area then you be best suited to go the main entrance.

There are always things to do here, whether your there for a walk, picnic, to learn explore, bird watch or eat, there is something for everyone of all ages. Plus its dog friendly, wheelchair and buggy accessible. Bonus.

There really it so much to see here, the ruins itself is such a sight to the eye, it makes you think of what it must have been like to live here all them many years ago.

There is also a must see event this Friday 27th October which is the last for this year –  they are lighting the ruins up, it will be a fantastic scene to see on a night, fingers crossed for a clear night as the stars will also be on show and might make a decent image. The event starts at 5pm and you will be able to listen to a wonderful choir as they fill the ruins with beautiful sounds, It is £7.50 to enter which is half the normal price – but if your a member like me then its free. See Here for more details.

There is also plenty of places to stop for the loo, but when you need to go you need to go.



Kids they always need the toilet after you have actually just been to the loo. Good job they can get away with it. Imagine if I just started to take a leak in front of everyone, i would be arrested for indecent exposure. At what age does it become unacceptable to pee outdoors? Or is it just totally frowned upon at any age?


A picnic for us is a must when we go out for the day, Z loves a picnic and to be honest if we don’t have one he gets a little upset. Im unsure of why he likes them so much for; probably because from a young age we have spend many a free day out and about with a picnic. Me and Steph love a good flask cuppa and a bit cake when were out. Z just loves his hummus and carrot – maybe strange for a kid of 3 years old but he loves it non the less.

We had another brilliant day today playing in the park, splodging in the mud, climbing and playing football. The kids were tired on the way out so thats a good sign. We might be able to chill with a glass of wine when we get in….YEAH RIGHT!!! I’ll be wanting my bed before them no doubt.


As we were walking to the car we seen a young Deer just grazing mid way up a hill, he wasn’t fazed by us standing there so I made way up behind a log and snapped a few images, Z loves wildlife and this made his day. Studley Royal is also a deer park where the deer can roam free which I knew about, but this one must have went rogue as it was right near the cafe, a wonderful sight to see. And a brilliant way to end the day.









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  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I’m not sure your boy will forgive you for that peeing shot though, as he gets older!

    Fountains Abbey is a brilliant place, and so big. Have you been in winter? I always imagine it would look spectacular in thick snow.

    Thanks so much for joining #daysoutwithatoddler – can’t wait to see where you’ve been in December – come and join again in January please :)

    1. Thank you. Haha. We have to have images like for when he gets married ha. Thanks. Lots of days out planned as well as our yearly New Year’s Eve walk.

  2. Fountains Abbey is a great place for a day out. I wish I’d been there for the illuminations you mention.

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