Since moving systems from Nikon to Sony I have found that some of my shots have became more refined, better if you will, Now gear isn’t everything, you can still achieve amazing shots with minimal gear, however, when I sold my Nikon camera I was able to afford some extras for my new Sony.

Meet the Lee 10 stop filter. a beast of a filter and a must have in every camera bag, I have always used cheap ebay filters and they have worked for me, they advertise to be 10 stops but in reality there more like 6 if your lucky, so getting an official 10 stop from a well known brand is a must, at least then you know what you getting.

I bought this and used it for the first time when I went to North Yorkshire with a friend. The river was fast flowing and the waterfall made for a beautiful shot. It was a great place to test the filter I had been wanting for such a long time.


waterfall, long ecposure, water, river, landscape photography

I was packing up my gear and on the way back to car when I seen this shot, a shot I never knew was there even though I walked past it to the waterfall.

It just goes to show that when your at a location you need to look about and scope the place out, you never know what type of shot your going to get.

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  1. Ooh, I’m a little jealous of your 10 stop filter. That’s something I keep meaning to buy and never get round to it. I love that silky water with patches of dark calm, very soothing image! #MySundayPhoto


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