Is there such a thing as the perfect family car??

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Is there such a thing as a perfect family car? A car that fits everything in and meets our safety requirements? A question I ask myself a lot.

If there is, then I have yet to find it. We currently have 2 vehicles at home, our second vehicle is a van, which isn’t ideal to go anywhere in as it only has 2 seats. However it serves the purpose for getting me A to B and using for the allotment.

Our main car is a Nissan Quashqai which the missus drives daily. We have had this car for 2 years now and at first I thought we had found “the one”, a perfect family car…until we had our second child.

Now I must admit for day to day trips around the doors, off to the shops and the school run – the car is a good fit. However when having two isofix car seats in place it leaves little room for anything else in the back of the car; certainly not another human sitting in and belted up!

We have just been on holiday for a week and we have to use a roof box to put our luggage in, but the car is still full to the brim with the overspill , plus the babies Bugaboo (dont get me started on the size of these things – small car size in itself) and then a labrador to squeeze in amongst the chaos!

We are now looking at getting a new bigger family car to accommodate our family in the next year. So if anyone has found their ideal family car – please please send answers on a post card!!

Its also worth noting that have a good section where you can see potential car seats within selected vehicles and understand there safety credentials! Always a bonus!



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