How to Take Great Photos for Your Blog

The picture you choose for the top of your blog is often the key factor for a viewer choosing whether to click or not. But, while image sites are great for finding generic pictures to go with your more general content, if you are writing a personal blog, you should definitely consider taking your own pictures.  

If you aren’t a natural photographer, this might sound scary but there’s no need to worry. Cameras are so technologically advanced these days that you can legitimately point and click and then touch up on your laptop from the comfort of your sofa.


Everything from the subject you choose to shoot to the file type you save your image as (yes, Light Republic Photography has a full blog on this subject!), can make a difference to the photo you end up with. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to make yours look awesome.

Play With Flat Lay Pictures

A flat lay picture is a great way to create an image using a collection of things. It’s quite a common picture style on stock image sites but can work wonders to bring your character into play. And, even though the style is familiar, if you take your own, you can be sure that they are unique.


To create a flat lay picture, you will need some background paper – any colour – some relevant items and the ability to shoot from above. Lay your things out into a composition and start taking some snaps. Try switching things around a few times while you are learning and see which arrangements feel most balanced to you. You should also think about leaving some white space so that you can add the title of your blog later on.

Create More Personal Pictures

If you love to blog about something like fashion or interior design, it would be almost too easy to just use photos taken by other people to illustrate particular styles or ideas. But it would be a real shame to deny your readers an opportunity to see your own home or outfits.


Taking personal photos for your blog gives your readers another chance to connect with you as a person. For all that blogging is often all about the writing, Instagram is having a big impact on the way we all communicate. It would be a shame to miss out on a great audience because you weren’t available on this platform – especially with such a visual subject!

Take Lots of Photos

Photography is a passion and a vocation. It takes time to perfect your shots and you have to be willing to get 99 rubbish pictures in order to find that one gem. The more photos you take, the more likely it is that you will improve your skills. You have to learn on the job with this one so rather than waiting for the ultimate shot, just start snapping and see what comes of your efforts.


And, the more photos you have, the brighter your blog will be.


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