Healthy Eating with Meal Prepping

Im certainly not going to sit here and try to tell you that i am the healthiest chap going! But whilst the woman indoors likes to keep a tight fist on our breakfasts and teas being always home cooked and healthy – if i had my way I would eat utter crap breakfast dinner and tea and still chuck in some seriously bad snacks for good measure.  Im not stupid – I know its bad for me – my problem is is that im just damned lazy and cant be bothered to prepare anything for myself. Lunches are the only meal that i ever really have to prepare – the rest is done for me and even though there is an abundance of stuff to make for my dinner already bought in the house i do the easiest thing and just nip to a shop on my lunch break.

By doing this lazy lunching only means two things; one im eating an unhealthy diet for lunch which of course adds to my Dad bod and two it is an un-needed and unnecessary added cost each week!

So one way to help combat the laziness is by food prepping. Yeah you will of heard of it – Insta is full of eye catching squares with boxes all lined in a row (just like my snap below) and its the latest trend for the gym goers!!

As most people probably find the hardest thing about eating healthy is the actual time it takes to plan and cook your meals. By the time I get in from work on an evening and sorted the kids I can never be bothered to start making lunches for the next day, never mind planning my meals for the week and deciding what is what. Gold award definitely goes to my missus for being able to plan our other meals for 7 days a week – shop for it and then prepare it each day! Im useless!

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So for us useless buggers this is where meal prepping comes in or should I specifically say Prep Stop who lovingly prepare the meals for us. Bonus – someone else does your cooking for you, all you need to do is remember to collect it from the fridge each morning!!

Why Do It? 

There are lots of good reasons to start prepping meals ahead of time, but the biggest reasons are that is saves lots of time, money and it might just kick start a healthier you.

I was recently asked by Prep Stop to test out a 6 day meal plan of theirs and give some good old honest feedback. It was something I was very interested in as I have seen others success from it but also – the missus was away with the kids for a week that week and what better way to make sure that someone was still feeding me and at least ensuring i had at least one of my five a day that week?!?!?!

So whats the drill? Prep Stop splits your week into two parts, you receive three days worth of food at the beginning, and then collect the remaining three days on the third day. This way all the produce is freshly cooked and not sitting around in your fridge all week.

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If you have a look at Prep stop on Instagram, you can see the lists of meals which are prepared each week, along with specials and the occasional success story being shared.  All you need to do is send them a message with your requirements and arrange your delivery of meals. It currently costs £40 for a 6 day meal plan – which is very good value considering you are getting 2 square meals per day cooked for you. The portions are a good size too – I never found that i went hungry.

The first batch of meals i picked up looked incredible and i wanted to get stuck into one there and then! Each meal had lots of flavour and plenty of veggies in them.

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Over all I was well impressed with the meals; everything I was given to try out I ate, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like the look or taste of and the communication was brilliant. No grab your money and run type here, they are happy to help answer any questions and chat about the meals or any dietary requirements. They also offer a handy delivery service too.

You can Find Prep Stops Social media below, go and check it out and see some of the meals on offer for yourself.



I received the items mentioned in this post in return for a totally honest review. 






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