Gummee Mits Review

Gummee Mits Review

I had never heard of  Gummee until I stumbled upon them on Facebook a while back and were drawn in by how active they are on social media. At the time my first son was around 16 months old and in the final throws of teething. I happened to see the Molar Mallet and was immediately sold. Like most parents – anything that could potentially help the dreaded teething – regardless of age – you will give it a go.  Since then we have had our second son and from a few weeks old he has been hand to mouth chewing away. My partner had mentioned that she was considering having a browse on the Gummee website to see what we could get for him but as always hadn’t gotten round to it. Thankfully these mits were kindly sent to us from Gummee to review just in time.

The mits are recommended for baby’s aged 0-3months. They currently come in two colours – pink and blue. I think there is scope to introduce a more gender neutral colour to the collection as these would make a lovely gift for a newborn or a baby shower when the gender of the baby is unknown.

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So basically they are a set of two mits that you put over baby’s hand and it is secured by a velcro strap. On each strap it has the Gummee mit wording written across. The material the mits are manufactured from have a number of little nubs all over. These are perfect therapy for that early stage teething on little gums.

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product review, review, gummee mits, gummee, mits, teether, baby, babys,

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As we all know baby’s tend to explore by chewing on their hands and at a time when they are still unable to reliably grip a teething ring or toy these mits create an effective alternative. They are machine washable which is perfect to keep on top of hygiene with all the dribble.

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Elijah has been using his daily for around a week now and as far as i can gather from this tiny reviewer – he seems to be fairly smitten with them. He regularly  chews at them when he is sitting in his swing. I would say Elijah has rather large hands for his age too and yet they appears to be some growing room in their for a few more weeks of use.

Over all the mitts are of a high manufacturing quality, easy to use and reasonably priced coming in at £8.99! 



What else Gummee offer:

Gummee have a wide variety of products to offer. Think of them throughout your teething journey. As your baby grows the teethers grow with them in different stages.

The  Gummee Glove which comes in 3 vibrant colours – Pink, Turquoise and yellow, is the next stage item. The glove is a larger size and has a detachable and interchangeable teething ring at the top.

They also sell Munchy Mitts which is a long sleeved top with integrated silicone scratch mitts, which provide a hygienic alternative to scratch mitts.

Happy Hands are another fabulous idea from Gummee and are created for children with additional needs who like the sensory solution of mouthing. These also come in three different sizes.

The range is also set to be stocked on Mothercares website any time soon, with selected items also being in store.

Please do check out Gummee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

As mentioned before the company is very socially active, especially on Facebook – regularly holding giveaways or having “live” question and answer sessions.

They also have a lovely teething page set up on Facebook – “Gummee – Teething Central” that is a great source of support and advice on teething from parents and Gummee. A little bird also tells me that they have knowledge of discounts or deals first!

Next on our list is the Gummee Glove for Elijah in a few weeks time once teething really ramps up! The missus already has the turquoise one in her virtual basket!! I will drop a review once we have given it a try.

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