Glen Douglas is just one amazing location here in Argyll and Bute, The place itself is home to the MOD, so when your travelling here, do be careful.

I came from Arrochar and drove along the A814 you will see the sign for Glen Douglas. Taking a left turn you drive a steep bank until you reach flat ground. There are two routes you can take. Right takes you further up the mountain, but it is pot luck where the barrier will be open as it is used for military training, But if it is open you will be greeted at the end with fantastic views right down Loch Long. But when I was there I think it was closed due to the recent bad weather we have had.

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On this occasion I continues up the road which takes you a beautiful scenic route through the mountains, the road itself takes you from Arrochar all the way to Loch Lomond, there are plenty of passing places which offers amazing view for photos.

As I drove along the road I was greeted by some wild Deer and Stags, I got a few images but there not great. After driving a long the road a bit further I stopped and at a location looking down the valley with the river running through.

Its one of those time when something doesn’t go right but ends up turning out pretty well.

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