FourFit Health Band Smart Watch Review

Fitness trackers, health bands, pedometers are all of the range now; they are so popular! There are an abundance to choose from on the market and it can be a minefield to find one that you think is going to tick all the boxes and work for you.

I have the Fourfit health band smart watch and i thought it might be good to give a little round up of the features i like on it! I also have a little discount code available for you all if anyone is currently in the market place for one of these gadgets.

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DISCOUNT CODE- Adventure10

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The Four Fit Health Band features;

Health bands differ from your usual fitness watches, as they measure all different aspects of your body stats throughout the day, rather than just steps, heart rate etc.

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smashing my first day target

The Fourfit Health Band has an array of features;

  • Step tracking
  • GPRS distance tracking
  • Calorie tracking
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Advanced Full sleep Analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Phone link enabled
  • SMS alerts
  • Rapid charge
  • 4 day battery time
  • Stopwatch
  • Water resistant (in cold water only ie. swimming)

Some of the features you can see the results on the screen of the watch through out the day and others require you to download the data via bluetooth in to an app on your phone.

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Fourfit Review

Set up

In the box you get your watch, a charger and a small booklet. The booklet isn’t jam packed full of information and doesn’t really tell you anything to be honest! But thankfully there isn’t much you need to know in terms of set up, the watch sets its self up. I will admit however that it took me a while to work out how to even turn the thing on. I thought the battery was dead, hence not turning on so I popped it on to charge again. The charger is simply a clip that goes around the watch, the battery should last you around 3-4 days once fully charged. But to turn it on you need to long press the touch button until the watch vibrates and turns on, simple once you have worked it out!

To get the best out the watch you will need to download the app for your phone, you can get it for both Android and IOS. The app and the watch display the same information but the app has a little more in depth information about your stats. It is set out into categories which you can then click on to see more information. It is very simple to use and navigating your way round is easy.

The main feature of these health bands is the pedometer or step counter, thats one of the main purchase reasons for people to monitor there daily exercise levels. I tested the pedometer out over a period of 4 weeks to see how accurate it was as i was fairly skeptical to be honest. So each day I would count to 100 3 times at different times of the day, and each time the count was right on the money or only 1-2 steps out, so for me the step count was very accurate. To go along side the step counter, it also has a calorie counter; this counts how many calories are being burnt when walking/exercising. Its something I havent been keeping an eye on, but i can imagine it can be quite handy.

The sleep tracking has been the most eye opening feature for me. I do have awful problems sleeping but seeing how bad it is some nights on my mobile phone screen is quite shocking. On the watch screen you can see how many hours of sleep you had the night before but once in the app it really breaks it down for you. You can see how much light and deep sleep you have had during your sleep period and any times you may have been awake. On average an adult needs between 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night, which I know I dont get because of my work schedule and the time I get up in the morning. Oh that and the fact I have 2 small children that on occasions more often i care to mention just DO NOT sleep! I must admit though it has caused a little rift in our household…the missus asked if she could wear the watch one night to check on her sleep pattern and lets just say its become a competition as to who has had the least sleep!

Another thing I like about the watch too is the reminders and alarms which you can set up in the app. I have an alarm that goes off at 5am every morning and it is so loud it usually wakes everyone in the house up before i get myself pulled round and functioning enough to turn it off. now the watch has an alarm and it vibrates on your wrist, I didn’t think it would wake me but it does have a very strong vibrate. You can set this up so it only goes off midweek, weekends or even the whole week. You can also set it up so when you get a call or text the watch will also vibrate, but not only does it vibrate when a call comes through but it shows the name of the caller on the watch, another brilliant feature. I think this feature is my favourite.

The Four Fit Health band also measures blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels. I dont know how accurate these measurements are as I have nothing to test them out against. It does state in the manual that the readings aren’t medically accurate, but they are there and again there are more in depth readings within the app.

The watch is also waterproof in cool water. Unfortunately I haven’t been swimming recently to test this out, but I have been caught in heavy rain on numerous occassions and its withstood against the elements.

Four Fit Health Band final thoughts

All in all I am loving wearing the Four Fit Health Band fitness watch. I’m finding it is encouraging me to move about more and try to beat the previous days step count. In my current job I dont do as much walking as I did, or thats what I thought. I broke 9000 steps on my first day wearing the watch which shocked me as I didn’t think I walked as much. My highest step count upto now has been 26,000 which is pretty good going if i may say so!

The watch is easy to use and very comfortable to wear. It also comes in a variety of colours.

The Four Fit Health Band fitness watch is currently on offer for £49, reduced from £99! You can buy 2 of them if your wanting one for you and a partner for £79 too!

If you are looking for a fitness tracker for yourself or for a Christmas gift I recommend checking out the Four Fit range. you wont be disappointed. And as a bonus for you, here is a brilliant discount code for 10% off. Adventure10


Disclaimer: I have received this item in return for my honest review and thoughts. 


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