Do grandparents make our children obese?

Do grandparents make our children obese?

Can your remember going to grannies and grandads after school or on a weekend and all they seem to do is feed you biscuits and cake?

Ah the good old times. The only time you got away with eating bad food. As a child you think it’s the best. But in reality, did it do us more harm than good?

Does it still happen now? Or was it a thing of the past.

It definitely happens today as well as other things that can be bad for our children’s health. I seen an article the other day on the BBC News website and it made for an interesting read.

For me I don’t think it done me any harm. Yes my grandparents fed me all sorts of rubbish. And when my gran was baking I always made use of the left overs in the bowl. But growing up in the 90s when there wasn’t any real technology It kind of forced you to be outdoors more. Climbing trees, playing football. Going on a stand by me Style adventure so for me I was always in the move. When helped to burn off any fats I was eating.

Yes my love of food now has took its toll on my bod. I have an excuse though. I’m a dad and dad bods are cool.

But I do worry for children today. There is too many distractions in the home, iPads, TV and games consoles. And not much physical activity happening. For the kids that do consume a lot of sweets and cakes then just want to sit in gaming or watching TV all night isn’t doing them any good.

It’s how you control it. It’s not to say because gran fills your kids with rubbish that a child will automatically become overweight. It’s what you do do after. Have rules on screen time. Go for a walk. Take the dog out. Go play football in the park. Just a small amount of exercise will help.

Introduce healthy meals if your not doing this already.

I’ve been having issues with my 3 year old as of late. All he wants to do eat sweets even though I am quite strict with sweet food, we have always had the sweets under control, so where has he learnt the behaviour from??.

We always make homemade meals from scratch at home and he loves it, and he always ate the food I was cooking but over the past few weeks it has got to the point where he wont sit at he table and just screams for sweets. So now we buy pots of mixed fruit as a treat or yogurt with honey on as a treat. And only limiting sweets on a weekend. The first few days were hard but has helped.

We are quite an active family too so I don’t feel I have issues with weight but I can see how the problems can arise today.

What’s tour thoughts on this?

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  1. I think it kind of depends how often kids see their grandparents – for me it was usually once a week and there would always be a chocolate bar waiting for me. My parents look after my children around once a month and they ALWAYS over feed them loads of junk but I’m not too bothered as it’s not very often. If it was that amount of food every week, I’d probably say something but then again if it was every week I’m not sure they’d spoil them with quite so many treats.

    1. Yeah I agree with what your saying. I think it’s a grandparent thing. But like you say as long as it’s not everyday it should be a problem. But again I’m saying grandparents but parents can be just as bad. IMO.

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