Christmas Advent

Not sure if I am the only one here; but are chocolate advent calendars a little boring now? And what is it with the ridiculous prices of these cardboard boxes with the smallest chocolates in?? Especially the character version ones aimed at young children with the no named chocolate that isn’t the most appetising!


So in this house over the last couple of years we have attempted something a little different.

The past two years we have done a book advent calendar for Z.  We wrap up 24 Christmas themed books to open one each night . The books are carefully wrapped and we stick a little numbered sticker on the front which we buy from the sticker site, that way the run up to Christmas Eve we have something new to read every night through the month of December.

Each year we have used mostly the same books that we bring down from the loft and swap in a couple of new ones for variety. This way it doesn’t end up costing the earth each year and i have found that Zach does not remember the story after the year and so to him they are all new!

A few of my personal favourites that we have wrapped are:

The dinosaur that pooped Christmas

Kippers Christmas Eve

The Jolly Christmas Postman

and The tale of Jack Frost

Toys and Games

The books don’t have to be Christmas theme related – but as we are a festive crazy household here we like it best that way!


Previous years we have also created a homemade `sweet` advent calender – back when Z was only a year old and we did not allow him to eat chocolate or sweets. So we bought a simple numbered felt advent garland and filled each pouch with a treat such as a pot of apricots, goodies flapjack bar or box of raisins for example.

This year, as a little added something for Z we have bought a Paw Patrol advent calender – which has a character figure related to the cartoon behind each door. We bought this at a reduced price in the Sainsburies toy sale and i am eager to see how this goes down with him over the next month.

I have noticed that they seems to be an increase in these sorts of advent calenders. Early Learning Centre alone are selling 3 different calenders for Big City, Soft Stuff and Happyland toy ranges.

Adult advent calenders have also become a hit this year, with the likes of Gin, Ales, Beauty products and candles all up for the offerings. thankfully the missus hasn’t requested any such thing this year and to say i am glad is an understatement – have you seen the price tag on some of these adult advent calenders?!



So Z will have three advent calenders this year, one book, one paw patrol toy and a Thorntons Chocolate one his Nan cant resist buying each year!! Advent Crazy in here – but hey ho its all in the spirit of Christmas folks!

Have you and your family ever tried anything a bit different? something just that little bit more special?

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