Cheap Winter Activity Ideas for the Whole Family

It can be more difficult to find fun things to do with the family in the winter months, when the outdoors isn’t always quite as inviting, and there aren’t always as many events being held locally, after Christmas has passed, anyway.

It is, however, important that you still stay active and have fun together as a family whatever the time of year. With that in mind, here are some cheap winter activity ideas the whole family can enjoy it what remains of the winter season:


Try Your Hand at Trampolining

If it’s fun family activities that enable you to stay warm, burn energy and have a great time, then you simply cannot beat trampolining. More and more trampolining centres are popping up all over the place, and they are very popular with people of all ages. That’s not so surprising, I mean who doesn’t like jumping up and down having a ball while the music plays?


Visit the Library

If you’re looking for an even cheaper day out that’s based around an indoor activity, indoor activity, check out your local library. As well as being a great place to get your kids into books and spend some cosy indoor time together, most libraries have regular craft and play sessions for children (and their families) of all ages. They are often free, but always cheap, so it’s definitely worth seeing what’s available at your local.

Go Sledding

We’ve been lucky, or unlucky depending on your perspective, to have quite a bit of snow in various parts of the UK so far this winter, and there is a good chance we will see some more before the winter comes to an end. If you want to keep your kids active and you aren’t averse to being out in the cold, for a little while anyway, should the snow fall where you are, buy a cheap plastic sledge and take then to the highest safe point you can find. You’ll have bags of fun seeing who can make it down the slope fastest, throwing snowballs and simply enjoying the season.


Visit a Local Museum

Many of this country’s smaller, local museums are a bit neglected, at least by the people who actually live near them. When they’re right there on the doorstep, they are so easy to overlook, and although many of them might not be The British Museum, they do still have a lot to offer, and if you’re local, you can usually get very good deals on entry. Best of all, they’ll keep you warm and get the kids thinking. So, see what’s available in your area! Im lucky enough have a lot of museums around so im not short of a free day out.


Head to the Cinema

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up to watch a great kid’s film when the weather outside is dire, and it’s even better when you do it in front of the big screen. Thankfully, many cinemas have great deals that offer cheap entry for kids, particularly when the schools are out, but also at quieter times of the week.


Brace the weather

You might be lucky to get some decent weather in the winter months where your able to go for a wonder, we love nothing better than a good walk, blow off the cobwebs and brace the cold. Dont get me wrong I love a good movie with my son or exploring history in a museum, but nothings beats the great outdoors.


I hope this gives you some useful ideas about how you can have fun as a family this winter, even if you are on a budget!


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