Bright Starts Light up Lagoon Activity Gym – An honest review

So when Elijah was born we had kept most of the larger items that we needed from Zach, such as baby bath, Jumperoo, buggy and cots. But we decided to treat him to a new playmat so he wasn’t always just getting the hand me downs.

So after a browse around the internet we stumbled upon this playmat made by the well known baby and children’s company – Bright Starts.

The mat is a generous size, with a lovely pattern on and comes with a little cushion to support with tummy time. It also has little fabric hooks in the four corners to attach other toys too if needed.

The toy arch comes with four hooks and has three hanging toys: a frog with spinning rings, an elephant with fabric “crunchy” ears and a dragonfly with teething wings. It also has a detachable large round mirror that can be moved around to different positions.

The best part of the playmat is the toy arch actually lights up in a flashing sequence in lovely bright colours. This is certainly Elijah’s favourite aspect and he lies mesmerised by the lights for lengthy periods of time for such a small baby. It is obviously very stimulating for him and it gets plenty of “Coo’s” in excitement at it. It also plays rainforest sounds, which to be fair is a nice change and the usual nursery rhyme selection.


It is battery operated and seems to be good on the old battery usage – Elijah has had around 10 weeks use out of it now and we are yet to replace the batteries.

So far so good – I would say the only downfall it seems to have is the arch has a canopy either side of the light up part which are stabilised by plastic rods. Unfortunately one of these have bent in the last few weeks. It does not effect its use but it is visibly lop sided, which is disappointing. However I don’t suppose it is meant to withstand a boisterous three year old climbing underneath it and throwing it around or a Labrador using it as a comfy napping spot!!

Its currently advertised at around £30 which I think is a very good price in comparison to other similar products. You can purchase it here:

Overall rating : 8.5/10 – only because it will eventually succumb to Zach’s super power toddler strength – but then again I presume so would most!!


This was not a paid review, this is my honest thoughts on the bright starts playmat. This post may contain affiliate links

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