Bongo’s Bingo at the Boiler Shop – Newcastle

Bongo’s Bingo at the Boiler Shop – Newcastle

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What do you envisage when you think of Bingo? A run down town hall venue full of elderly women drinking pots of tea and hoping for that big win so they can have a spending spree in Bonmarche maybe?! Yeah thats just what I see too and its not somewhere I would be rocking up to on a Friday night thats for sure. BUT HOLD THEM THOUGHTS…..there is a new Bingo and it is sweeping the North East like a pandemic and I am fairly sure that anyone in the age bracket of 18-45 (is that ageist? sorry!) have heard of it! Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to  Bongo’s Bingo , the total opposite from what we all envisage; an absolute cracking night out with amazing tunes, plenty of dancing, cheeky banter and just a smidgen of booze to keep the night flowing!

I am not sure why we have waited so long to experience the Bongo’s Bingo venture to be honest – I have certainly heard plenty of people raving about it and seen hundreds of posts on social media about it to make me want to experience it myself but its that popular the tickets are like gold dust and go in a flash upon release! So imagine delight when I got offered the chance to review a night!!!

So last Friday I headed off to Newcastle with 5 ladies in tow…yes you heard that right, I took part in ladies night and I am not afraid of admitting that! After queuing outside in the freezing cold for about 30 minutes or so we entered the Boiler Shop venue and my party were all given a bingo book and a pen. This is the first time I’ve been in the Boiler Shop and as we reached the main hall I was surprised by how busy it already was and how big the room is. The room was already buzzing with excitement and filling up with a mix of people.

We were kindly ushered to our table and much to our surprise we were slap bang at the front, with a great view of the stage and DJ stand where Micky Pickles would soon be up there getting people to their feet and encouraging them to have the best night of their life. After a few drinks we were eager for the games to begin. So when Micky eventually took to the stage with his…not so glamorous “ladies” the crowd went wild, everyone was up on there feet in true Bongo’s Bingo style, standing on the benches and dancing away to the tunes roaring around the room.

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The Game

The way you play is very simple if your a previous bingo dabbler you will know the deal. Micky calls out the numbed and your eyes do a glance down your page and mark off the number if your lucky enough to have it. There are seven games in total in your booklet and each game gives you a chance to win three prizes.

Firstly a “silly” prize for a line, so first up for a line was a cardboard cut out of the legend that is David Attenborough, then a Henry Hoover, BMX, karaoke machine, giant stuffed unicorn, a blow up dinosaur costume and two large boxes of CocoPops. I think I was most excited to win the box of CocoPops in all honesty – the Mrs doesn’t permit sugar overloaded cereal in the house for the kids the spoil sport and its my one true love of cereal! I mean where else can you go on a night out and attempt to catch Cocopops with your mouth in the crowd or sit with the empty box on your head and it be acceptable?!


The next prize was for two lines and was usually for an alcohol related prize.

For a full house you get the chance to win BIG with a cash prize starting off at £100 for the first game and climbing all the way to 1000 big ones for the last game!! What a cracking night that would be to have a top night out and then walk home with a wedge in your back pocket!

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But lets not forget that this is Bongo’s Bingo and there is a twist. Every now and again in between numbers being called the tunes drop and everyone is up dancing and then its back to number calling in a flash. You’ve got to keep on your toes. And always remember to shout 33 in an Irish accent! You may also get the chance to show your moves in a dance off if your lucky enough to be a caller with another person and the crowd gets to decide who wins the money for the best dance!

So if your yet to get your mitts on some tickets for Bongo’s Bingo I urge you to try harder and get there ASAP! You will certainly not regret it and like us be left craving to get back over and over again.  The missus has already cancelled her previous plans for her 30th Birthday in May and demanded a night out here.

My only parting tips would be;

Wear your dancing shoes.

Ensure you make a dash for the loos at the first sign of a break as the ques can be a deal breaker.

And stock pile your bevvies for game time – its thirsty work!



Future Events at the Boiler Shop


This Easter, there’s a spectacular 4-date bank holiday weekend in Newcastle as Bongo’s Bingo creates a candied wonderland at Boiler Shop.

Micky Pickles and The Chocolate Factory is a fantastical land of pure imagination, a world where those with a sweet tooth in particular will feel very much at home. Taking place across 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st April, this is an event not to be missed.

More dates to be added, so watch this space.


*Disclosure – I was kindly gifted 6 tickets in return for a blog post – however as always all views are my own*




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  1. Well this is certainly a bit different to playing bingo in a church hall with my aunt!

    1. haha, its a great nightout with a really good mix of ages to. the first dance off one girl must have been 18 or so and the other must have easily been in her 50s. everyone has a great time, but yes its very different from sitting with a cuppa haha

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