Baby Nursery build

Let’s talk about children’s bedrooms and some dad hacks.

What ideas did you have for your children’s bedrooms when you found out you were expecting? Or as your children are growing and their tastes ever changing.

I now have 2 children, one 3 years old and one 10 weeks old.

Baby E is still in our roomat the moment so the nursery is unoccupied but I have still worked my magic on decorating it and we use it daily.

We have re-used Zach’s old furniture ( cotbed, drawers/changer and wardrobe) to save money, but I wanted the room to be different from the nursery we had created in anticipation of Z arriving in our old home.

In this house we have a bit of a thing for bears and foxes actually more like a love affair! We even have a fox theme going on in the downstairs toilet with one wall decorated with Scions foxy print wallpaper and Zach’s bedroom is woodland themed with a foxy hint! As for bears, from the day we told Z that we were expecting another baby and Mammy was carrying a baby in her tummy – he decided that in fact Mammy was carrying a baby bear! Yes a bear!?! So it stuck and for 9 months we called him Baby Bear.

I previously seen an amazing picture on Pinterest around a year ago, just before we found out we were expecting baby number 2 so I saved it in one of those files for future reference. You know the ones where ideas lurk that you never again look at or have time to create. Anyways I just though it was an amazing idea. When we found out the sex of the latest baby – another BOY! the decision was made and that picture and the Baby Bear name created the perfect idea for a nursery theme.

I set about on the nursery right away and i got to really use my creative side that i dont often air to the world. I enjoyed the project but on the other hand i will admit that I was also sad that once again I had to give up my man room. In my old 3 bedroom house I had to sacrifice my man room for a nursery when we found out we were expecting Z as the other is the obligatory “dressing room”. So once again even though we have moved to a four bedroom family home now – i have lost my office space for yet again another nursery.

Firstly I bought some off cut MDF from a local timber merchant and sketched out a bear, I then used my saw to cut it out then paint using just children’s craft paint. I then used a plastic eye bought from another local suppliers of arts and crafts.

Using my favourite type of paint bought from BnQ I painted the wall in a lovely night sky blue colour. Then bought foam from Amazon and cut some large stars out, I also bought some sticky back stars and sprayed them all gold  then randomly stuck them on the walls.

After completing all the painting and the bear had dried it was time to construct the room. Placing all furniture where I wanted then securing the bear to the wall. The last few things to do were to stick the Large Moon sticker onto the wall then using an old bit of rope found in the garage I pinned this so it looked as if the bear was using it to hold the moon. Basically based on the picture i had originally seen on Pinterest.

bear, moon, nighttime, bedroom ideas.

The last bits were just some little dad hacks to finish the room off, I bought a kitchen cup shelf from IKEA and some picture shelves from IKEA too. I used the kitchen shelf to hang a nappy bag from and some other items as it has hooks underneath and placed baskets on the top with baby essential items.

ikea shelf, ikea

The picture shelves are used as book shelves. (I have used the same method in Zach’s room as you may have seen in this post about my favourite children’s books They are ideal as on the top there is a small groove stopping the books from falling off and they look quite smart too. These are an upgrade from our old shelves from Ikea I had previously used in Zachs nursery.  We had used the spice racks and painted them different colours. Still good but were too small for the amount of books we now have.

And the final result of Baby E room.



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