Im Lewis (AKA Adventure Brown) a 20 something year old Dad – who loves to Blog and Vlog about my adventures and family life.

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I first started writing in 2014 just before my son was born, it was something that never really appealed to me growing up but I got the bug for writing when I wrote a few reviews for restaurants I was going to, It got me noticed a little bit, but I never had a website or blog at this point so my reviews were getting lost in the mist of social media, read for a while then gone. After writing these I decided to start building my blog and even though I loved food and enjoyed writing about it I thought concentrating about becoming a father instead.

I loved writing but  with all the stop and starts and with me having a full time job where you don’t know where you are most of the time it was the right time to hang the keyboard up. But silly me deleted the blog which was irreversible. HOW STUPID!!!

Looking back I think it was important that I spent my time doing daddy things and not constantly in front of a computer screen, Considering I sit at a desk all day coming home to another doesn’t help so the break was nice.


The Family bit

I am practically married to Steph, and I say practically as we have been together for 12+ years – and those have been long years :) we were due to be married December 2017 but after finding out we were due our second baby we had to cancel it.

Talking babies my eldest son (Zachary) and our youngest boy (Elijah), oh and a labrador called (Marley). We all live in Sunderland which is located in the North East of England. For those who have never heard of Sunderland , its near Newcastle and no im not a Geordie, im all Mackam.

As a family we spend most of our time in the great outdoors, Steph was a week into giving birth and we were climbing a large hill in Scotland on one of our many outdoor holidays. Ive always been an outdoor person and love the country side.


photoshoot, jesmond dene, newcastle, mandy charlton photography, mandy charlton, family photos, north east, uk, family moments,

We both don’t believe in sitting kids in front of a tv or a tablet, we believe in books and the outdoors, learning old school. Playing in the mud, eating sand at the beach, long walks, you name it we’ve done. Zach is one of the happiest kids you will meet and I really do believe it is because we entertain him in this way.






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