A peaceful location – Allensford, Consett #Mysundayphoto

A peaceful location – Allensford, Consett #Mysundayphoto

Yesterday I found myself stuck for something to do, The missus was having a shopping day in York which left me and Zach. We went to the cinema in the morning then I just couldn’t think of what to do, I didn’t want to go back home and spend the day in the house so I had a google for locations. I seen that there was a park with a river about 45 minutes from my home in a place called Allensford located in Consett.

    I had 2 reasons for going here, One being its remote and should be reasonably quiet and Two: I might get some photos.

Well lucky for me I was blessed by both. It was a beautiful day and the park was dead as a door mouse, no one around, no dog walkers, kids or old pensioners taking a stroll, no one, It felt like a scene from The Walking Dead.

The walk along the river bank was very picturesque, an easy but short walk to where I was met with a beautiful waterfall. I can imagine this waterfall to make an even stronger image after a rain storm with more water flowing, anyway it was still a nice location.

sony, 12mm, samyang, landscape, consett, uk, north east, camera, slr, sony a6000, long exposure,
Sony A6000, 12mm, F8, iso 100, 4secs

As usual I had my Sony A6000 and my Samyang 12mm with the Nisi Polariser, there wasn’t any need for any ND or Grad filters due to the location being quite covered and nothing in the sky to hold back, However the need for a polariser is a must as it pulls back the glare in the water and it was just dark enough for me to slow the shutter for a nice blur in the water. The blur is nearly alway needed when shooting water as it shows movement and without it an image can look quite flat.

The image I took above could have been shot right under the waterfall but what would that achieve? you always need foreground interest, Its like taking an image in a field with nothing in, it just doesn’t work.

Next I took the leading line from the stream that should in fact take your eye right to the waterfall, right????

As I was walking back to the park I heard more noise from a different part of the river so I went to check it out, this time I was greeted with another smaller waterfall, and actually more interesting.

sony, 12mm, samyang, landscape, consett, uk, north east, camera, slr, sony a6000, long exposure, waterfall, river, maps,
Sony A6000, 12mm, F11, iso 100, 0.8secs

The river was reasonably deep and the waterfall was so small, it was creating lots of swirls but as I was walking up to take the image i wanted to take I noticed this boulder with beautiful green moss, it caught my eye and I had to stop and shoot, Again using the “Rule of Thirds” I was able to again draw the eye using the rock formation up the river towards the foaming waterfall.

sony, 12mm, samyang, landscape, consett, uk, north east, camera, slr, sony a6000, long exposure, waterfall, river, maps,
Sony A6000, 12mm, F8, iso 100, 1sec

All of the above images were taking with different setting and thats what I feel you need to do when out shooting, test different settings, different focal lengths, all these were taken with a 12mm f2 lens which is ultra wide but sometimes using a zoom may suit the scene better, but its all personal choice,

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    1. It was I could have spent the whole day there but it was freezing and has my son. The smaller waterfall was a brilliant little location to be able to sit and have a picnic. I’ll definitely be taking a visit back there.

  1. Beautiful long exposure shots, I love playing with these on our river and streams at Coombe Mill, so hard to get it right though, these are fab.

    1. Thanks. Yeah I know what you mean. They can be quite difficult. Thanks again

  2. What a lovely looking spot to enjoy. Feels so calm and relaxing

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Thanks Darren. That’s what I love about photography. Sometimes you get a location where you can just take it all in and relax.

  3. Looks so tranquil. Beautiful. #MySundayPhoto

  4. Love how you’ve captured the water, looks like a gorgeous spot to explore! #sundayphoto

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