Night photography at Staithes

Night photography at Staithes

This week I have struggled again to get out and shoot, due to work and other commitments. So i decided to have a sought through my image catalogue and get rid of old photos, may re edit a few.

Using Lightroom is a brilliant way of storing images but images can get get lost of you don’t organise properly, which is what happened when I found this photo.

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13secs – F10 – ISO400 – 10mm This images was took using my old Nikon D300, I plan to visit for a sunrise when its the right time of year.


In fact there was a few of the same image but shot differently – it was such a beautiful place I wanted to experiment with different settings to see what results I was going to get, in the end I came away with 2 images I really liked.

At first I thought the finished image may have been under exposed, but after tweaking the shadows and highlights then adding a small amount of contrast as well as other settings of course I got the image the way I like. it gives the image a sense of peacefulness and for me its quite relaxing to look at.

“Staithes is located on the East coast of England, North of Whitby and another location ticked off my list”.


As a bonus for you my wonderful readers, Another image from the same location as well as others are up for grabs in my latest giveaway .   

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  1. I love the glow in this photo, a part of England I’d love to visit

    Thank you for linking up

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