How I taught my son to potty

How I taught my son to potty

Ah that time when you need to start training your child to go the toilet or potty. I don’t think training is the right phrase as it sounds like training your dog…Anyway…

Tips on how best do it can be quite difficult as every child is different but I remember just always having the potty out for my son to look at, play with and familiarise himself with it so it seemed normal to be in the room. He was 1 when he first used the potty and had a handful of number 1 and number 2s on it. But then suddenly stopped and would not use it. We didn’t push and left him be. Yes people may argue that he was too young but it really wasn’t my intention for him to go and sit on it and do anything, that just happened.

My son turned 2 in September 2016 around a year after he first used the potty.

Going to the toilet – you will probably know that this isn’t a peaceful private affair when you have kids as they always want to be with you. What happened to this being a mans thinking time???? So we purchased a kids urinal, now he can tinkle when i tinkle. It made sense as he was trying to stand and wee – seeing dad do it, and thats how kids learn.


I have 4 tips that I have used over the past couple of months to help get my son into pants and going to the toilet.

Number 1

My first bit of advice is let them come to the loo with you, not like you have a choice, and tell them what your doing and say things like “daddy is a good boy he’s going to the toilet”. May seem silly but believe me you set the example and this is probably one of the best. (Now my son tells me I’m a good boy when I go)

Number 2

Like I said every child is different but I don’t use a potty, I have gone straight in to using the toilet with a child seat on, My son sees me on the loo so why cant he use it. Makes sense right?? This method took off for me and after a week or so he knows when and how to use the toilet with my help of course.

Number 3

Put those pants on. We went straight from nappies to pants in the space of 2 weeks, and to be honest I was expecting more mistakes but I can count on one hand how many times he has had a mistake, a few times at nursery and couple of times at home. Getting your children used to pants can help and make it easier when you need to rush to the toilet, there isn’t anything worse when you’re fiddling with vests then nappies or pull ups to find its too late and they have done it already.

Number 4

My last tip is take the nappy off when your home, you may find your self cleaning a lot of wee up but getting your kids used having nothing on they will learn to know when they need the toilet rather than doing it in a nappy.

These are my tips, nothing special about them but as I have used them myself and they have worked me. Try them, you may be surprised. Good luck



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  1. Good tips. My little guy was afraid of the noise – “too loud” he would say. It can seem tough in the moment, but we all seem to manage after a bit.

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