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How many of us parents are co sleeping with our baby at home?

Its brilliant isn’t it? We have so much room….


I’m quite lucky in a way as my son doesn’t always do it, he is in a bad routine that I just cannot seem to break. We moved house when he was 1 year old but we before we moved he was brilliant, I used to read to him and he would sleep all through the night in his own room but for some reason the move just knocked him out of sync.

We all moved into the new house a year ago and Zach still has to be read a story in our bed, he falls asleep and I carry him to his room but we have just got his a bed built and it isn’t easy to lift him into it. I’m 6ft 5” and sometimes it a case of throwing him in – LITERALLY.


9 times out of 10 he will sleep till 6 sometimes even 7 which is fine but other times he will wake during the night and even when I try and settle him he WILL NOT go back to sleep until he is in our bed.

Child wins again and again and again. He’s the boss!!!

We have a Kingsize bed but that doesn’t make a difference I still end up in the spare room

Things are about to get worse if I don’t keep trying to get him to stay in his room as we have just had our second baby.


Will this baby learn this behaviour and copy Zach? Will he want to sleep in our bed?

I’m guessing that when he is old enough to realise what he is doing, he will copy his older brother – meaning I will be eliminated from the bedroom. TOTALLY. On the plus side I suppose I will have my own room.

No parent is perfect and I no there is plenty of other family’s that co sleep, sometimes out of choice, sometimes not.

Do you co sleep? Or have you done, what did you do? Its more the fact now that we have a new baby so if I try and get him to sleep in his own room will he get more jealous, making things worse than they already are….




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